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Missing Teeth

Are you missing some teeth?
Several studies have shown the correlation between overall physical health and the number of teeth you have.
Missing certain key teeth can lead to several problems:
*Poor quality of chewing. This can lead to stomach issues such as bloating and indigestion as the food particles are not properly broken down prior to being swallowed.
*Forcing other teeth to perform duties they are not designed to do. Missing molars for instances forces teeth further up front to have to take over the action of chewing. But other teeth don’t have the structure for that and they pay the price in terms of bone loss, loosening of teeth, gum loss and fractures.
*Appearance concerns: Of course a missing front tooth can have a big impact on your smile and how you feel about yourself.
There are many options to fill a missing tooth or missing teeth. Bridges and implants top the list, but there may be a possibility of replacing a front tooth using the Bioclear Method as well.
Call for a consultation if you have missing teeth that you would like to have replaced.