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Periodontal Disease

Inflammation is a serious health issue for all people. And when we say “serious”, we mean it. It is no longer just “ok” if gums bleed on a regular basis. The science is in and it is increasingly showing us that heart health is affected by the condition of the tissues surrounding your teeth.
Gums that bleed, even a “little bit” signifies that your body is in a constant state of inflammation. This results in a myriad of health compromises.
When we encourage regular maintenance appointments it is with your overall health in mind.
No wonder hygienists are always asking you if you floss!
Dental Hygiene therapy is therefore one of the best “gifts” you can give yourself. If nothing else, we highly encourage people of all ages to seek a great dental hygiene regimen and that begins with a thorough periodontal exam.
Our hygienist cares deeply about your oral health and her role is to be a great source of knowledge and education for you!
You may not be a regular flosser, but let’s find out how we can help with the best options that are out there.
Call us today and schedule an appointment.