Enhanced Bioclear® in Spokane, WA

What is Bioclear®?

Bioclear® is a unique method that utilizes injection-molded composite to literally shrink-wrap your tooth resulting in seamless, smooth and leak-free fillings and veneers. It is the choice of most of our discerning patients who care about their teeth and don’t want them cut down for porcelain.

The Result:

A porcelain-like finish with ultimate beauty and realism. Just take a look at some of these results!

What’s More:

If you’ve been told you need crowns, then Bioclear® just may be the alternative you are looking for.

Ever wonder how much of your actual tooth you lose when a crown is done?

The answer is 60% or more. Bioclear may eliminate the need for most of that tooth loss and protect the nerve tissues at the same time!


By selectively removing only the diseased portion of your tooth and injection-molding the rest, you can restore any weakened tooth, rather than destroying most of it as is required when getting a crown.

Does this mean a crown would never be needed?

There are absolutely good reasons why a crown may be the best choice. For example, when a crown already exists and needs to be replaced or when most of the tooth is already too far diseased or broken. Let us evaluate your teeth and see if Bioclear® can work for you!

Just click on any of the pictures below to see some of the results our patients have experienced with Bioclear®…