Dr. Charles Regalado

Dr. Charles Regalado


I grew up in Eastern Washington, received my under-graduate degree from Pacific Lutheran University in 1983 and then graduated Alpha Omega (the top standing in my class) and a Member of the OKU Dental Honor Society from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 1991. I completed additional training in veneers, full-mouth reconstruction and advanced bonding techniques. I then spent 5+ years instructing dentists from all over the United States in cosmetic dentistry. Curently, in addition to my regular office hours, I am teaching those same techniques at the Dental Hygiene School at Eastern Washington University. I am married and have 4 children. I enjoy cycling and running, playing the piano and reading a great book whenever time allows. I’m active in my church as a small group leader.

Dentistry Done Right

I only strive to excel at an optimum aesthetic outcome in everything I do. Everyone knows the technological age is everywhere, including dentistry and we do our best to capitalize on it. The result has been phenomenal. Our office is known for the detailed care and attention our patients receive. You never have to worry about whether your dentistry is done right.

Services Offered by Dr. Regalado: